STADA with strong growth momentum in 2018

  • 19/03/2019
  • Information
  • Strong increase of adjusted Group sales
  • STADA shows significant increase in EBITDA
  • Implementation of ONE STADA growth culture is driving product and bolt on acquisitions internationally

STADA Group key figures





Reported Group sales

 €2,330.8 million

€2,313.9 million


Adjusted1 Group sales

 €2,330.8 million

€2,218.5 million


Reported EBITDA

€530.6 million

€363.8 million


Adjusted2 EBITDA

€503.5 million

€433.9 million


Reported net income

€306.9 million

€85.3 million


Adjusted2 net income

€284.0 million

€195.6 million


“In 2018, the majority of STADA’s top markets showed positive sales development, both in generics and consumer health. In line with our new growth culture, STADA was not only strongly increasing profit but we were also able to drive the expansion of our portfolio for future growth. STADA is on course to grow faster than the competition in Europe. We were able to gain market shares by successfully launching new products and constantly improving our internal processes” states Peter Goldschmidt, CEO of STADA, in his positive and confident summary of 2018 results.



Reported Group sales in financial year 2018 increased by 1 percent to 2,330.8 million (previous year: €2,313.9 million). The sales of STADA Vietnam J.V. Co. Ltd. were no longer included in the 2018 figures. Group sales adjusted for currency and portfolio effects increased by 5 percent to €2,330.8 million (previous year: €2,218.5 million). Key growth drivers of generics sales were Belgium, Italy and Germany and the consumer health had strong momentum in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Reported EBITDA for financial year 2018 increased by 46 percent to €530.6 million. This development was based on strong operating results in Belgium, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom and overall productivity improvement activities in supply chain and marketing and sales. Adjusted EBITDA showed an increase of 16 percent to €503.5 million. Reported net income improved by 260 percent to €306.9 million as a result of the tax status of STADA Arzneimittel AG. Adjusted net income increased by 45 percent to €284.0 million.

Cash flow from operating activities in financial year 2018 increased to €320.3 million (previous year: €262.9 million). This development was primarily based on the significant increase in gross cash flow due to the good annual result and lower income tax payments. Free cash flow was mainly influenced by the acquisition of the EMEA rights to the medical dandruff treatment shampoo Nizoral and the repurchase of the trademark rights to the sunscreen Ladival and amounted to €20.0 million (previous year: €140.2 million).

Net debt amounted to €1,079.5 million as of December 31, 2018 (December 31, 2017: €1,054.7 million). The equity ratio amounted to 33.1 percent as of the balance sheet date (December 31, 2017: 31.4 percent).

Reflecting STADA’s purpose to care for people’s health as trusted partner, the new claim “Our Mission – Your Health” will be introduced internationally in 2019.


1 Adjustments for currency and portfolio effects are shown solely as an adjustment to previous year sales. Previous year sales were adjusted for currency effects by applying the exchange rates of the reporting year.

2 Whenever adjustments are identified in connection with key earnings figures, they fundamentally relate to special items.